We love making elegant weddings affordable!  Our wedding gowns start at $195 and that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Ask us about our tips and tricks to keep your wedding high-end, with insider ideas and partner vendors to keep the costs far lower than any of your guests could imagine.

Book Online

Use the buttons below to book your bridal or alteration consultation.  Please book just one block only.  Multiple blocks and back-to-back blocks will not be honored.


Book by phone

Please call St. Anthony's Bridal during normal business hours at (571) 327-1855.  Walk-ins are not guaranteed a dressing room, so we encourage all brides to book an appointment. 


Book a Bridal Consultation

Appointment hours

Thursdays: 5pm to 8pm, and Saturdays: 10am to 3pm

What to Bring to a Bridal Consultation?

We suggest the following:

  • Bring Your Entourage!
    We LOVE meeting your family and friends, and we try to provide enough seating at our large mirror and platform so while you turn and gaze, your entourage can enjoy as well.
  • Bring Your Hairstyle
    If you plan on doing an updo, have your hair in a bun or French twist.
    If you plan on having your hair down and curled, try to arrive with something similar.
  • Bring Your Support
    Many of our gowns have built in support cups; however, it is important that you wear the support bra that is most comfortable to you. We don't expect you've purchased a corset or other undergarment prior to purchasing a gown. We do want you to be comfortable though.
  • Bring Your Camera!
    All our gowns are donated, so we do not have any obligation to prevent pictures of our collection.
    We love when Beautiful Brides and their Entourage snap a few selfies at our entrance flower wall. It adds to the experience.