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St. Anthony’s Bridal is a local non-profit, a 501(c)3 (this means we are a recognized non-profit and donations to us are tax deductible). Our mission is to help brides on tight budgets achieve beautiful and affordable weddings. We are an all volunteer staff. Our tax ID number is 52-2191053. St. Anthony's Bridal is a legal trade name for St. Anthony's Bread, Inc.

St. Anthony's Bridal is devoted to helping brides on a low budget achieve beautiful, affordable weddings.  

  • Visit our shop. 10560 Main Street, Suite 401, Fairfax, VA 22030
    Open Thurs 5pm-8pm, Sat 10am-3pm to peruse our collection of over 600 wedding gowns.
    We also have veils, belts, shoes and much more!
  • Attend one of our DIY workshops to learn how to plan your wedding.
  • For simple budget solutions, read one of our books written by our very own President, Melanie Cameron.
    All our books are listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Connect with one of our many vendors by visiting our shop during open hours and asking for our partner referrals.
  • Check out a low budget expo or read our new magazine, Savvy Bride. These events are listed on our calendar. 

St. Anthony's Bridal has everything you need to plan your wedding with Affordable Elegance!


Melanie R. Cameron - President

President, Melanie R. Cameron, has been observing and working in the wedding industry for over 11 years.  She authored three books in 2015, after the realization that what brides on low budgets really want is a category and cost breakdown of exactly how they can create a beautiful wedding reception on an insanely low budget.

Each book breaks down the numbers and outlines strategies for hosting a very low budget wedding.  Even in Washington, DC, where the average wedding costs $30,000, these books will allow brides to achieve their dream wedding on their budget.  It's a simple approach that works.

In addition to her books, Melanie has created Savvy Brides, a nonprofit bridal magazine dedicated to low budget brides.  She has dedicated her life to helping couples plan their special day on a budget and will continue to be an innovator in the wedding industry for years to come.

Melanie became Executive Director of St. Anthony's Bridal in November, 2009. Her work in wedding planning originated with "Christ on Your Guest List," a book written by her and her husband, Mark in 2008. This spiral-bound workbook encourages couples to prioritize the relationship over the reception on their wedding day and during engagement.


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